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Steel Pipe Fabrication Services

Saginaw Pipe is an industry leader in structural steel, square and rectangular steel tubing, and steel pipe. Our wide range of custom steel pipe fabrication services streamlines construction projects and delivers excellent results.

High-Quality Fabrication Services

As a trusted steel wide flange beams supplier, we have the equipment and capabilities for precision fabrication of metal pipes, I-beams, steel sheeting, square and rectangular tubing, and other products.


We offer standard and custom cut-to-length services. This service can improve the quality of prefabricated structures, accelerate project completion, reduce the need for on-site cutting equipment, and make work crews more efficient.


Give steel surfaces increased protection on worksites. We apply primer to pre-cleaned steel surfaces using state-of-the-art equipment for good adhesion and even coating.

Painting, Finishing, and Coating

As an industrial pipe fabrication supplier, we can streamline product assembly for customers with complete painting and powder coating services. Clients can choose from a large number of finishes, such as enamel paint or matte epoxy coating.


This structural steel fabrication process eliminates rust, mill scale, oil, and other surface issues. High-velocity abrasives leave steel materials with a uniform texture.


Wheelabrating involves using a centrifugal apparatus to carefully propel abrasive material. The shape of the machine allows steel pipes and tubing to slide through for fast and accurate surface preparation

Custom Steel Pipe Fabrication Services


Whether our customers prefer to handle welding onsite or let our expert welders handle it in-house, we can take care of the beveling needed for strong weld penetration. This involves shearing the edges of steel beams, plates, or large pipes at a diagonal angle.


Grooving makes it easier to implement precise and repeatable bends for sheet metal. Grooving can also provide a stronger bond when welding or joining several steel forms.


Our team of certified welders can provide:

  • Pipe welding
  • Structural steel welding

Common applications for metal fabrication welding include double-jointing pipe for longer lengths and pipe piling.

Custom Steel Pipe Fabrication Services

Saginaw Pipe offers specialty fabrications for our customers' needs, according to their drawings and specifications. Our structural steel pipe fabrication services include but are not limited to:

Custom-built sign poles.
Double-jointing pipe for longer lengths and pipe piling.
Pipe bollards cut and painted to spec.

Pipe Bending and Forming Services

Our pipe-forming services are a good way to lower the costs of large-scale building projects and metal products. Some industries that benefit include:

  • Petrochemical
  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Industrial construction, plumbing, and electrical
  • Manufacturing of building safety systems and lifts

We work closely with customers to recommend the right materials and pipe bending and forming processes to achieve excellent finished results.

A Trusted Industrial Pipe Fabrication Supplier

At Saginaw Pipe, we aim to provide complete solutions to our customers’ commercial and industrial piping needs. Choose a steel pipe supplier with over 35 years of experience. Contact us at (800) 433-1374 for detailed information on custom steel pipe fabrication services.

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