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Saginaw Wall of Fame

At Saginaw, our employees are our family. Our people pour out their hearts and souls into the jobs and are truly the secret sauce that keeps this place going. To celebrate our most dedicated and impactful employees, we honor them on what we call our “Wall of Fame”. These employees have helped grow Saginaw from the small farmhouse to the thriving business we know today.

Harold “Boss” Cunningham

Harold “Boss” Cunningham was the first person ever to be honored on Saginaw’s Wall of Fame back in 1997. He worked with the Raughley and Wise families from the early 60’s until his retirement from Saginaw in 2009. Boss was one of the original seven employees who helped start the company. His outgoing personality and impact on others made him one of the most well-known employees ever to walk through Saginaw’s doors. In 2009, Saginaw dug a water well in Africa in honor of Boss.

Danny Cates

Danny is another one of Saginaw’s original seven employees. He was added to the Wall of Fame in 1999. Danny joined the company as the Plant Superintendent and has served in that position ever since. In 1996, Danny was named the Vice President of Operations. From the very beginning of his career at Saginaw, Danny has displayed the qualities that we seek in every employee: dedication, commitment, loyalty and hard work. He is one of the company’s leaders in every sense of the word.

Mary Laird

Mary Laird is the only female employee to have been with Saginaw since the beginning. When Saginaw was first starting, Mary was a key player in building our steel business into what we are today. It’s no wonder she’s been on our Wall of Fame since 1999. Mary has impacted nearly every department we have today through the years. Over the years, Mary’s responsibilities have included payables, payroll, insurance, sales, inventory, and IT. In 1985, Mary was named company Treasurer, and also served as the Controller. In 1996, Mary was named the Vice President of Human Resources; a position she held until 2017 when she was promoted to Senior Vice President.

Vince Linder

Vince is one of Saginaw’s most versatile employees. He was added to the Wall of Fame in 2010. As a master electrician, Vince has worked in some capacity for Saginaw for the last 30 years. He started out as a contractor for the company in the 1980’s and joined the Saginaw family full time in 1994. Vince serves as our special projects coordinator and has helped build every corner of the company. From conveyor racks for saws to rolling rigs at the weld shop and everything in between, if you need it built, Vince is the person to do it.

Perry Carter

As one of Saginaw’s unmatched loader operators, Perry Carter was added to the Wall of Fame in 2011. He joined the company in 1995 and quickly became known for his skill operating the company’s Pettibones. Perry was one of those employees who loved and took pride in his job. He loved it so much in fact, that in 1998 the company bought him his very own Pettibone complete with his name on the side. He used that machine to help Saginaw become the efficient and successful company it is today.

Richard Olive

Known for his fierce loyalty to both Saginaw and the Crimson Tide, Richard Olive was honored as part of Saginaw’s Wall of Fame in 2012. Richard joined the Saginaw family back in 1989 as part of the sales team. He quickly became a go to of the department and a company leader. In 1997, he was named as Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board. He followed that up in 2005 when he was given his current title of Executive Vice President.

Coleman Pettway

Coleman has been driving Pettibones since he was 16 years old, as a result he was a natural fit at Saginaw. He is also another one of those original seven employees. He was known for his skills driving lifts and loading trucks. His efforts were honored as he was added to our Wall of Fame in 2017. Coleman has been with Saginaw since the beginning and was a loyal employee for 34 years until his retirement. His skills and drive helped the company get countless loads of steel ready for the road to our customers. He helped shape the efficient shipping department we have today.

Johnny Joiner

Johnny Joiner joined Saginaw in 1989. He has touched numerous departments during his tenure with the company including everything from the tube department, night shift management, and the shipping office. He was honored as part of the Wall of Fame in 2017. After years of perfecting Saginaw’s shipping and receiving, Johnny was named as Plant Manager, a title he holds to this day.

Bill Pitts

In 1995, Bill Pitts joined the Saginaw family as the company’s Treasurer. Two years later, he was named as Chief Financial Officer and Controller. Bill oversaw Saginaw’s finances for 22 years and helped to drive the company to the thriving business it is today. Bill not only managed the company’s finances, but also played a large part in the day to day operations of the office. He joined our other honored employees on the Wall of Fame in 2017.

Cathy Grill

Cathy, joined the Saginaw family in 1990 as part of the credit department until she moved into her current position of Quality Control Manager. Cathy not only assists the salesmen, but she helps with order preparation, inventory control, mill test certifications and material testing. Her vast knowledge of both steel and the company culture has made her a great resource for Saginaw’s employees. It is only fitting that she be added to our Wall of Fame in 2017.

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